Dear beauty - It's time for you to start realising just how incredible & powerful you truly are!

You are far more powerful than you think you are? Do you believe me?  Everything you require is within YOU - Allow me to guide you on a beautiful 8-week journey to step into your incredible power within.  She is there waiting to be embraced! 

Reclaiming Your Power Within - 
 From People-Pleaser to Personal Power

This will be an Incredible 8-week journey together
From Thursday 14 July - 3 September 2022
A bonus "meet and greet on Thursday 14 July @ 8 pm PLUS a 3-hour Workshop on Saturday 3 September are new additions to this program. 

Darling woman iff you don’t believe you are incredible and powerful then somewhere in the past, you have forgotten and you have given away your beautiful innate POWER within. I want you to know deeply that YOU were born incredible, extraordinary, amazing, yet time, people, events have taken it from you. Somewhere along the way, you have lost your spark and you don’t feel the same woman any longer. Some days you feel you are just going through the motions and you know there is more but you feel lost, disconnected and overwhelmed. Not to mention exhausted and you are ready to give up the struggle and just stay in your comfort zone. 

Have you allowed your inner light to be dimmed and you know it’s time to “shine” once again and share your incredible gifts and allow your beautiful light to be magnetic?

You may even feel like you are destined to spend the rest of your life feeling invisible, not supported and unappreciated, and and many days you struggle to feel that incredible joy within. You so want to reignite that "passion switch" and have that zest for life that you once had.  Some where along the way you have lost your spark and part of yourself and it's time to regain your confidence, step into your courage and create more impact in the world! You darling woman are just as important as anyone else and it's time to own that!

Do you feel like it’s your job to look after every-one else and often you are feeling exhausted?

When was the last time you prioritised YOU, or even said "Me too"?

How would you like to:

  •  Step  into ALL of who you truly are -  courageously, confidently and consciously YOU?
  •  Celebrate ALL of who you are as a woman? Stop the doubt and the inner-critic that keeps putting you down?
  • Reclaim Your Power Within ...... that beautiful light within that you have kept hidden away worried it makes other's uncomfortable?

It’s so time for YOU to claim back the life that YOU deserve – living with more joy, courage and confidence. Creating the life that you have dreamt about.

When you join me for this incredible transformational 8-week personal journey “Reclaiming Your Power Within" you will have the opportunity to experience this and more!

“Reclaiming Your Power Within -
People-Pleaser to Personal Power”
14 July - 3 September 2022

Do you relate to:

  • You say ‘Yes’ when you mean ‘No’ and you are exhausted from doing this?
  • You go along with someone else’s opinion, even when YOU disagree?
  • You want to “keep the peace” but your soul is crying out for more authenticity?
  • You spend most of your time pleasing everyone except yourself?
  • Your language towards YOU is often negative and that  “inner-critic” is causing you ANXIETY and OVERWHELM?
  • You frequently question your own WORTH?
  • You deeply fear being rejected and NOT liked by EVERYONE?
  • You have big dreams but you feel disillusioned and allow others to affect your self-confidence? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this program is especially designed for YOU. It will be incredible to work with you and witness your profound transformations.

It's time to feel more JOYFUL
It's time to step into your own POWER 
It's time to  become your AUTHENTIC self
It’s time to reignite your spark
and live with more PASSION
It's time to become a more  CONFIDENT and 
It's time to have the COURAGE to love YOU 
without any apology or trying to fit in 
with someone else's expectations 

I so want to join and I am so ready to do this! 

Jo is creatively intelligent as she gives you the no BS approach, which still lands softly and helps you to realise that she ALWAYS has your back and that you have got this!

"Jo Worthy - well what can i say? The light is always on and shining! Jo's passion is always an inspiration to get up and start each day with purpose and be grateful. Jo is creatively intelligent as she gives you the no BS approach, which still lands softly and helps you to realise that she ALWAYS has your back and that you have got this! Jo's support, knowledge and her "you can do this" approach helps you to believe in yourself and that there is so much life to enjoy with gusto! The learning is also in the content that Jo provides which full of wisdom, vibrant and very generous".


YOUR INVESTMENT IS ONLY $697 (Early Bird until 30 June) when you pay in full OR  
$999 FOR PAYMENT PLAN (3 x payments of $333)

"Banish your inner “mean girl” You know, the one that is always running you down –
that nasty “inner critic” needs to go!

Join this 8-week online program “Reclaiming Your Power Within” From People-Pleaser to Personal Power”

  • Step more into your COURAGE
  • Set stronger healthier BOUNDARIES
  • Increase your CONFIDENCE
  • Start living a more fulfilling, CREATIVE, PEACEFUL and “delicious” life.
  • Increase your SELF-CARE practices 
  • CELEBRATE you as a woman

You deserve to live your BEST life
 I can guide you on your path to start achieving this.
You will be inspired & motivated to make the 
changes that are required to connect to 
your incredible potential and go forth
with more courage, confidence with much
higher self-belief

This program begins on Thursday 14 July 2022 and concludes on Thursday 3 September, 2022.
Bonus Meet and Greet Thursday 14 July
Bonus 3-hour Workshop Saturday 3 September

Limited places available as YOU deserve to be seen
and heard in a SACRED space.

I know deep within my heart and soul that It is going to be an incredible & very dynamic 8-weeks. I am so very excited as I know that I will attract wise, creative, intuitive and amazing women. I would love for you to be part of this life-changing journey as I support, guide and celebrate with you and witness your powerful transformations.

Summary of the Masterclasses:

This program includes:

  • 7 x 90-minute Masterclasses - held online via Zoom
  • Exclusive access to the sacred “Self-Love Temple 2” private FB group with extra content & inspiration
  • A copy of my book, Love Worthy – 21 Lessons in Creating A Deliciously Divine Life” with an accompany Journal.
  • Group business & life mentoring
  • VIP Discounts/Offers

I would pay top dollar for the guidance, wisdom and truly wonderful insights from Jo Worthy! 

"I would pay top dollar for the guidance, wisdom and truly wonderful insights from Jo Worthy! Jo is an amazing leader with incredible teachings, open conversations, great guidance who is friendly, intuitive and compassionate. Absolutely worth every dollar working with this amazing human being". 


Start thriving, instead of just surviving
Create more joy, peace and abundance
in your life and your business
Connect deeply to your powerful light within you
and radiate your amazingness
It’s time to invest in YOU
Your life is precious and so are YOU

Here’s to you living a CREATIVE, COURAGEOUS, CONFIDENT and CONSCIOUS life.

Here’s to your MAGNIFICENCE

Much love

Jo is oozing empowerment and worthiness. I can’t get enough of it! Her knowledge, life experience, and self-love tools have genuinely helped me on my journey to a better and happier me.   

Jo is oozing empowerment and worthiness. I can’t get enough of it!
She is confident, passionate, empowering, inspiring, action-driven and supportive. When I embarked on my journey with her, I felt that I didn’t value myself, and I was a BIG people pleaser with minimum boundaries. Jo’s programs, support, and a never-ending passion for women to see their worthiness is so powerful that it is impossible not to feel self-love. Her knowledge, life experience and tools have genuinely helped me on my journey to a better and happier me.


About Jo Worthy

Jo Worthy is a Self-Love Coach and is also the author of “Love Worthy – 21 Lessons in Creating A Deliciously Divine Life” as well as the accompanying journal - 21 Lessons in Creating A Deliciously Divine Life, enabling you to journal about each lesson from the book.  Jo has also created a "Magnificent Manifesting Journal".
Jo guides women to fall in love with who they are so that they have the COURAGE to be who they are without apology.  At the same time Jo's mentors women to increase their confidence, reignite their creativity, whilst living a conscious and passionate life.  

,Jo's runs a FREE  private FB Group “The Self-Love Celebration Community with Jo Worthy"  is a group all about self-love, self-worth, self-confidence and self-awareness and invites you to join if you are not already a member. .  There are FREE masterclasses available and challenges that you can participate in as well as weekly self-love goddess oracle readings.
Here is the link to join:  

Jo's latest offering is The Empress Inner-Circle  which is a group especially designed for women who are soulful, creative, intuitive and wanting to continue their personal development within their life and their business.  For women who want to feel  more connected and inspired, like a dose of vitamins for your soul,  we meet weekly in the Zoom Room for 90-minutes.  For extra guidance, inspiration, connection & support you are also will enjoy being part of a private FB group.  This is the place to embody your inner-Empress who is wise, creative, courageous, intuitive, loving and abundant.    

Jo is also a very passionate & successful retreat facilitator within Australia and Bali and is a huge advocate for women attending regular retreats so that they can step into their greatness and become an even better version of themselves:   Relaxed, refreshed and energised.   Jo is also passionate about women increasing their self-care practices and encourages them to put themselves as a priority as well as other's in their lives.    

Jo will only teach what she knows deeply and how after many years of low self-worth, no self-love, abusive relationships, being an inherent people-pleaser with very little confidence, she transformed her life and wants to teach others her life lessons and strategies.    For all the work that  Jo offers she wants every woman to realise just how amazing they really are and that a healthy dose of self-love is an absolute necessity to create a magical life.  She is on a mission for every woman to love herself abundantly and live a life that is full of courage, confidence, joy, peace, love and passionate adventures.